Perfume by radio

Radio for March, 1922

A russian scientist claims to have invented a machine which will send 'perfume by wireless. A man in Boston can buy a dime's worth of perfume at the 10 -cent store and sprinkle his girl in St. Louis with it. Any kind of an odor can be transmitted. For $1.30, a husband living in New York can chloroform his wife in Los Angeles. If he wants to wait until evening he can do it for 70 cents.

A woman in San Francisco can peel onions and make her husband cry in Chicago.

It will be a great boon for the drinking man. A friend of his in Cuba can send him alcohol messages.

Instead of his going into a bootleg joint and paying 50 cents a swig, he'll call up his friend and get it for 10 cents a sniff.

If he's got a cold that's his own lookout.

Prohibition agents will be using this instrument for looking into our cellars.

A man can point the machine toward his kitchen and find out what the wife is having for dinner.

You may think she's going to have a steak, but the machine will register corned beaf and cabbage.

Another thing about it is that we can now enjoy cheese from a distance.

A lot more people will like it when they don't have to get so near it.

This will be a great thing for doctors; they can now treat asthma by wireless.

Asthma sufferers who can't afford a doctor will be outside all day sniffing treatments which belong to people in the next state.

Doctors who send whisky by wireless will have to be careful. They may be sending it to some man in Atlanta and a prohibition agent in Augusta may get the benefit of it.

This new invention will send all alcholic rays through the air and it ought to be healthy, it will keep everybody out of doors.